Thermoelectric Modules - Three-Stage Peltier Coolers

The peltier coolers in Ferrotec's Three-Stage Thermoelectric Module series are designed to provide significantly higher temperature differentials than are obtainable with standard single-stage modules. Multi-stage thermoelectric coolers are suitable for low temperature applications where a moderate cooling capacity is required. Typical application areas for these specialized TECs include IR detectors, CCD arrays, and electo-optics.

The specifications below are calculated at Thot=50 °C. Select recommend a module to get a list of potential solutions for your thermal problem from our standard module options.

Model NumberI MaxV MaxΔT MaxQc MaxW1 DimW2 DimW3 DimL1 DimL2 DimL3 DimHeight
9530/119/045 B 4.508.60111.009.70 15.2020.0029.80 15.2020.0029.809.65
9530/228/045 B 4.5016.40111.0018.00 20.0029.8039.70 20.0029.8039.709.85
9530/228/060 B 6.0018.30111.0022.00 20.0029.8039.70 20.0029.8039.709.15