Wire Saw Squaring


The equipment is electronically controlled through wire-feeding, Single direction (Double direction)wire-winding,operation mode and high speed wire delivery to achieve multi-function. Whole equipment has high strength, little vibration, and easy to control precision. Processing instructions are all set through touch screen, without computers and other electric equipments.

Model : S1000
High process capacity
6” and 6.5” one cut for 36 single crystal ingots; 8” one cut for 25 single crystal ingots.
Big process size
Using big working table , the process size of multi crystal ingot can reach 1000mm x 1000mm;
High cutting precision
Cutting with workpiece rising (Main spindle fixed), so that improve the cutting efficiency greatly, and ensure cutting precision.
High cutting speed
Max wire speed 920m/min, Max cutting speed 1.4mm/min.
Compact design
about 6m * 4m floor space, height = 3.5m, saving space and cost.
Friendly operation interface
PLC control for all processes, anti-jamming, high reliability, easy for maintenance, industrial PC and PLC for real time data exchange. Windows operational software has good UI, simple operation. All parameter in cutting process can be shown on screen.
Flexible cutting combination
Hanhong’s S1000 squaring saw machine can cut both single crystal ingot and multi crystal ingot by changing working tooling.

working table

Work piece

Round ingot

6″ ×L500mm Max ×36pcs

8″ ×L500mm Max ×25pcs

Square ingot

d1000mm ×L300mm Max

Main spindle unit

Quantity of main spindle

4 spindles


5.5kW x 4 spindles (AC servo driver)

Bearing (lubrication)

Oil filled mode (oil is filled disassembly)

Main spindle diameter

f260 mm  (main)  UPPER SUB V wheel f180 mm

Material of wheel

polyurethane (series: rigidity 95)

Slot distance

V angle 110 degree 3mm slot distance x 11(quantity of slots) 

Cooling of bearing

one position for each bearing

Specifications of cutting wire

Wire diameter


Coiling length

standard: 200km

Wire wheel

outer diameter:f350mm (170km)

Max width of coiling:250mm

Outer width: 320mm

Speed of wire

920m/ min  max  (depending on operation condition)

Both direction/Single direction


5.2 m/s2  (max)

Wire tension

10 N ~ 120 N±3N

High speed of work piece

max.  200mm / min  max

Width of wire net

1037.2 mm( max )

Cutting speed of work piece   

0.01 ~ 2.0 mm / min