Recharger System


This device is used for single crystal furnace ,it can charge the silicon raw material automatically in accordance with user settings; and the single crystal furnace add raw material directly after the take-out of silicon ingot, it doesn’t take much cooling time , the major benefit are improving the process efficiency and cost savings.


The device is specially designed for Hanhong single crystal furnace. It can achieve the automatically second-time feeding or continuous pipe supply feeding.

  • Improve the quartz crucible utilization efficiency.
  • Increase the effective production time.
  • Increase the effective production time.
  • Reduce labor intensity.
Main components:
  1. Receiving chamber
  2. Gate valve
  3. Growing chamber
  4. Feed tube
  5. Support columns
  6. Feed barrel
  7. Feed valve
PXS101High speed lifting limit
PXS102Low speed lifting limit
LS101Low speed up limit
LS102Low limit
LS103High speed up limit
LS104 Low deceleration
Action Description

  1. When feed barrel located at up limit, then rotate feed barrel, make it placed at high speed lifting limit (PXS101,) or low speed lifting limit (PXS102), when the feed barrel located at high speed lifting limit (PXS101), then toggle the up/ down switch, the feed barrel can rise or fall between high speed up limit (LS103) and low limit (LS102).
  2. When the feed barrel rise to low speed lifting limit (PXS102), the feed barrel only rise or fall between low speed up limit (LS101) and feed guide position(LS105) , toggle the up/ down switch if feed barrel not in the range , and the feed barrel does not move.