After-sales service

  • On site service introduction
  • Regular free return visit service
  • Build three class of maintenance system
  • Free upgrade service
  • Sales service and training

On site service introduction

Hanhong specially develop friendly service for customers according to equipment. We send engineers to customer for free on-site service:

Considering that our customers are relatively unfamiliar with equipment performance and operation in the initial period,we shall arrange two groups of engineers after equipment installation and commissioning, they shall stay on site for a long-term period and do tracking service. Two groups: mechanical: 2 person, electrical control: 2 person, process operation: 2 person. Each group member (mechanical, electrical, control) shall follow the customer’s operation. Also they may work as three shifts. To solve problem when it occurs and replace defect parts for ensuring the normal use timely during the process of products use.

Regular free return visit service
  1. Hanhong guarantee that send staffs free of charge to visit customer’s site every six months after formal installation and commissioning, , in order to understand the actual usage of the equipment.
  2. During the return visit, Hanhong will report the actual equipment usage to customer. The report must contain the operation, running ,routine maintenance situation, wearing parts replacement necessity ,and other valid conclusions.
  3. Finally, customer will decide whether purchase wearing parts replacements based on a return visit report to Hanhong.
Build three class of maintenance system

Hanhong build three class of maintenance system and file in order to maximize the daily use of equipment, specifically as follows:

First class maintenance
Each operator will prepare check before open furnace make the record.
Second class maintenance
Do weekly or monthly maintenance of the equipment by the customers’staffs(equipment, maintenance personnel).
Third class maintenance
manufacturer make a quarter or half-year maintenance and "medical card" of the equipment. To make the equipments receive a full range of control and maintenance once the equipments brought into operation.
Free upgrade service

We guarantee that accept the improvement opinions from customers and feedback timely in the regular visit. And ensure that update software free of charge for customers.

Sales service and training
  • 1. Operation training
    • 1) Hanhong supply the device and software instructions for mono crystal grower equipment operators.
    • 2) Hanhong shall install, commission and train personnel shall arrive customers’ site after equipments reached, to carry the maintenance, operation and other aspects of training for site factory personnel during the installation and commissioning. Specific training timetable and schedule shall be made according to the actual condition.
      • a) Mono crystal grower structure
      • b) Mono crystal grower operation and software control system.
      • c) Hanhong staff guide the customers’ staffs in the actual crystal pulling operation on Mono crystal grower.
      • d) Precautions and requirements of mono crystal grower for the operating staff.
    • 3) The staffs of customer shall operate mono crystal grower independently during the pre-final acceptance. Hanhong related personnel shall support for the staff actual operation.
  • 2. Maintenance Training
    • 1) Hanhong, single crystal furnace installation and commissioning at the same time the demand side will arrange for maintenance personnel (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers) to participate in the whole process of installation and commissioning of the single crystal furnace.
    • 2) Hanhong provides the following training materials:
      • - Instructions and assembly drawings of mechanical parts of the mono crystal grower.
      • - Description of the electrical part and electrical diagram used for maintenance of the mono crystal grower.
      • - Mechanical and electrical calibration manua of the mono crystal grower.
      • - Troubleshooting guide of the mono crystal grower.
    • Delivery of demand-side,
    • 3) single crystal furnace, such as the demand side, the company's training needs to apply to both parties

If the customers need training after mono crystal grower delivered,then two parties need negotiation to determine the specific time and schedule, Hanhong shall send technicians to customer factory or customer’s staff go to Hanhong for training free of charge. be on time to the factory of the demand-side or demand side, companies sent to Hanhong free training.