R&D center

Early in 1980

Hanhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D center is a subsidiary of Hanhong, which is core of the company's technological innovation system. Owning a complete system of research, development, test conditions and sense of innovation; we also have independent intellectual property core technology, well-known brands, and with internationally competitiveness. Our R & D level and innovation ability play a leading position in the industry; We have excellent talent with rich practical experience, including 65 engineers and 15 engineer assistants. With independent computer room and a confidential room, about 80 pieces of computer was managed by the primary server, our office is paperless in order to protect confidential documents and drawings. R & D team has always been to improve technology development and high-tech achievements transformation capability in order to enhance economic efficiency and competitiveness in the market. We are determined to serve all customer domestic and overseas with diligent and innovative work.

With the speeding global scientific and technological progress, trade globalization ,property rights and business rules. Hanhong R & D center especially focus on the creation of intellectual property, management, protection and application. Now we have applied 55 patents,36 patents has been authorized, among them two are invention patents, 31 pieces are new practical patents, 3 pieces are outlook design patents; 19 patents are under authorization: among them 11 pieces are invention patents, 8 pieces are new practical patents .

Our company has been named to the Shanghai enterprise technology center, Shanghai patent pilot enterprises, Shanghai High-tech enterprises , Shanghai innovative enterprises , Hanhong trademark has been appraised as famous trademark in Shanghai.