Quartz crucible

High dislocation free rate

As you know, the yield of silicon growth is influenced from quartz crucible. Because when the crystalpieces are released from quartz crucible's surface and adhere to single ingot, they bring dislocation on ingot.Therefore, quartz crucible is needed undevidrification. The methods are as follows;

Less bubbles
Clean surface
Our quartz crucible's transparent layer is substantial free from bubbles. And AQM-20 is applied the special technology to prevent from bubble expansion.

Quartz crucible Image

Cross Section before and After Images

To purify at quartz crucible's surface is used not only high purity silica sand, but also is contr olled atmosphere and packing materials. AQM-30 is made from synthetic silica materials. Therefore, you can use for long time.

Typical impurities in surface layer (20 micron meter) (ppm)

Al Ca Fe Na Ka Li Cu
9.2 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.3 0.3 <0.05

Typical impurities at surface(ng/cm2)

Al Ca Fe Na Ka Li Cu
0.00096 0.00193 0.00385 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000

The technology about AQM-40 makes crucibie's surface crystallization in spot. These crystallized spot don't release from surface.( The data of used AQM-40 and AQM-10 are shown in following figures)

 The roughness of AQM-40 inner surface after use

The roughness of AQM-10 inner surface after use

Low cost technology

On crucible for not only photo voltage but also semiconductor, lower cost is the most important customer's demands. We are doing R&D any time, and we do the cost reduction without lower the quality.

Techonlogy for recharge

On photo voltage silicon growth, it is trend which is applied multi pulling method to decrease cost. This method gives big damage on the quartz crucible, AQM-10 doesn't meet with this method. AQM-30 is the mostexcellent crucible for multi pulling. And AQM-30 doesn't happened liquid vibration, therefore,AQM-30 is extremely good.