Multi Crystalline Grower


Multi-Crystalline Grower is one of the key equipments in the solar industry. Based on the demand for high performance multi-crystalline grower in solar cell market, we imported advanced technology from Japan and developed HXH-450N/600N/800N Multi-crystalline Growers. Different kinds of materials such as fragments of polycrystalline silicon, ingot heads & tails, pot scraps and various mono-crystal scraps can be put in the quartz crucible of our grower, and after several processes such as melting re-crystallizing and annealing, such material will be cast into the polycrystalline silicon ingot --- the raw material for solar cells.

HXH series features
High capacity:
A combination of various leading-edge technologies of today. Multi-crystalline silicon Grower has a big charging capacity, which helps to greatly enhance the production yield.
Equipped with double safety and protection design of special ceramic fiber and carbon layer, and together with the automatic silicon leakage induction system, our grower is able to launch contingency program for silicon leakage. Its excellent safety feature greatly reduces the potential for accidents.
High Quality:
With its special high performance heating system and temperature control system, our grower not only guarantees the uniformity and consistency of the resistivity of the silicon material during the crystallization process but also reduces energy consumption which helps to reduce the production cost.
PLC control is applied during the whole process and high speed micro processor is used to check and control components so that dynamic monitor and quick response can be realized. Equipped with automatic control and data exchange during the whole process, our grower has advantages of safety, efficiency, stability, good anti-jamming capability and high reliability. Single phase UPS is applied to the control system to effectively avoid the risk of a sudden power failure。
Main Components
HXH series fig No.1
HXH series fig No.2
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