Graphite-based Hot Zone


Graphite products division was established in 2005, a subsidiary of Hanhong company of FerroTec Group, owning a multi-function on production, maintenance, trade and services. With the continuous improvement of production and processing, the graphite division is committed to matching hot zone supply of mono silicon grower and poly silicon grower for Han Hong and other brands.

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PV / energy

Experts on hot zone of single crystal furnace & polycrystalline furnace: Since the division was established in 2005, we is continuing to improve the processing technology, committe to match single crystal furnace & polycrystalline furnace graphite hot zone of Hanhong and other brands. You can get customized graphite material (medium coarse, high-purity, static pressure, etc.). We produce the products according to your drawings and requirements.

Processing capacity:
processing 8〃-32〃single crystal& sapphire furnace hot zone; 450kg, 600kg,800kg, and other various types of polycrystalline ingot furnace hot zone.
Unique advantages:
strong R & D and manufacturing ability, high stability, leading technology, high utilization of material, low consumption, good safe performance.
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Electrical discharge machining Continuous Casting

The copper, was once the dominant electrode material. Now, why is it replaced by the electrode of graphite material ? Obviously, graphite electrodes havemany advantages.

  1. faster processing
  2. more anti- deformed
  3. lighter weight
  4. less discharge consumption
  5. no glitch
  6. grinding and polishing easily
  7. less material costs and more stable price
    It is the unparalleled advantages that graphite is gradually replacing copper to become preferred EDM electrode material.
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Continuous Casting

Mold of horizontal continuous castingneed use, graphite sleeve, semi-continuous casting graphite stopper, bottom bowl, base, launder, aluminum skateboard graphite ring, spoiler and other products (better quality and cheaper price, high temperature resistant, durable) it was widely used in the continuous casting of non-ferrous metals, copper and aluminum. The products can be customized according to customer requirements or drawings.

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Carbide, Electronicmold

Customers choose domestic or imported graphite materials of higher technical parameters according to different use. We produce the products according to customers' drawings and requirements. Such products apply to all precious metals smelting and casting, mainly include gold molten crucible of high purity graphite, casting crucible, graphite mold, graphite products which are widely used in jewelry, glasses, watches, and other industries.Such graphite crucible, mold has the following features:

  1. thermal stability
  2. erosion resistance
  3. impact resistance
  4. acid resistance
  5. high thermal conductivity
  6. metal pollution control
  7. quality stabili
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Sintering and other

Electronic sintering molds, diamond sintering molds, carbide sintering molds

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