Single crystal furnace


In inert gases, using graphite heater with high temperature to melt poly crystalline silicon material which was kept in quartz crucible; then put seed into silicon liquid and grow single crystal silicon by CZ process in accordance with automatic programs.

Options:Additional Charge System、Recharge System


Control the whole charge weight and control growing process full-automatic.

  1. Metal parts are machined by high precision CNC machine. Bonding technology is compliant with Japan JIS standard.
  2. The chamber has double-fold water-cooling structure. Inner layer and outer layer of chamber are made of SUS304L.
  3. Flange of chamber is made of whole-forged part.
  4. The crystal diameter is controlled by ADC system.
  5. Imported high quality sealing O-rings are used.
  6. High quality vacuum pipelines system.
  7. Power supply system.
  1. High yield of single crystal silicon ingot and above 70% productivity of whole ingot.
  2. Material additional charge device guarantees maximizing efficiency.
  3. Own designed special heat shield raise growing speed sharply. The efficiency is higher than the other normal equipment about 30%-50% to reduce unit cost.
  4. UltralowCarbon stainless steel, advanced detecting instrument and leakage checking device guarantee the operation of equipment.

Power supply safety protection device, cooling water temperature monitor and warning system, abnormal chamber pressure warning system.

Automatic alarm system and dual pressure relief device. For small leakage, start pressure release valve. For big leakage, the chamber cover will flick automatically to release pressure. Additional, the spill tray (graphite part) in the bottom chamber can avoid explosive accidents. Meantime, UPS can pull finished ingot automatically when outage and water-break, to avoid scrap of whole material.


Total digital management and centralized control system. Reduce participation of operators to guarantee stability of quality. Inspection of craft and quality guarantee operation of equipment, to control oxygen & carbon content of silicon single crystal products and conversion efficiency of panel.

Main Components