Ferrotec Products - Overview

From materials and components to integrated systems, Ferrotec’s portfolio offers a broad range of solutions for precision processes and products.

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Ferrofluid - this section is where you can find out about Ferrotec's ferrofluid magnetic liquid and super paramagnetic nanoparticle products. These products are used for audio applications and much more. Ferrotec's ferrofluid applications include: audio speakers, bio-medical separation and other applications, magnetic domain detection, optical pickups and more.
Ferrofluidic solutions - this section is focused on vacuum rotary seals and other products that use ferrofluid's unique properties as the enabling component in more advanced solutions. These solutions include ferrofluidic magnetic liquid seals for rotary motion, vacuum feedthroughs for rotary motion in hermetically sealed environments, Ferrodrive motor integrated feedthroughs, customized gas and vacuum unions, assembled seals and mechanical subsystems that integrate ferrofluidic seals with mechanical systems, and magnetic inertia dampers
Thermal solutions - you can find Ferrotec's suite thermal management products in Ferrotec's Thermal Solutions section. Highlighted within this section are Ferrotec's TEC thermoelectric modules or coolers including single-stage, multi-stage, miniature and custom TECs, Ferrotec's TEC temperature controller products, thermoelectric subsystem assemblies including heat exchangers, air-to-air and air-to-liquid cooling, and Ferrotec's thermoelectric power generation solutions.
Fabricated Quartzware - this section is your portal to Ferrotec's fabricated quartz and advanced material solutions.
Vacuum Coating Solutions - this section features information about Ferrotec's electron beam evaporators and evaporation systems, electron beam guns, e-beam controllers, vacuum system power supplies and beam control software.