Ordering a Ferrofluidic Seal from Ferrotec

At Ferrotec, we are committed to providing industry-leading customer service, and we want to make it easy for you to select and purchase the Ferrofluidic seal that you need. Using the web site, you can select the seal that you need in one of three ways:

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  1. Select a seal from our list of standard parts.
Most of these components are commonly used and many are items that we typically carried in inventory.
2. Configure a unique seal using our RFQ process.
With over thirty years of producing specialized rotary seal solutions for the world's most demanding applications, we understand how to match a solution to your unique application and we have designed our online RFQ form to streamline the process. When you ask us to prepare a quote for your application, our engineers go to work, evaluating your specification requirements. Depending on the complexity of the solution that you need, your project may require several weeks of development time, but our engineers are committed to ensuring that the Ferrotec product you receive delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability. Once you complete the RFQ form, a Ferrotec representative will contact you to follow up and may discuss additional details with you.
3. Contact a Ferrotec representative directly.
If you need personalized help in understanding your requirements, you can talk directly with a Ferrotec representative on the telephone or using email.
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Understanding the Ferrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Model Number

Ferrotec uses a combination of model number and part number to identify our Ferrofluidic rotary seals, and understanding the model number can help you understand many of the characteristics of the feedthrough.

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