Fabricated Quartzware

Ferrotec offers a wide variety of quartzware for semiconductor, optical, and other leading edge industrial applications. With world-class product quality and competitive prices, Ferrotec is well positioned to supply your high-volume precision quartz fabrication requirements.

Ferrotec is experienced in the manufacture of quartzware. Our facilities, which employ over 150 people, have been fabricating quartz products since 1987 and now supply many leading semiconductor companies worldwide. Ferrotec is one of the largest GE Quartz authorized fabricators in the world.


Some examples of the fabricated quartz products that Ferrotec manufactures include:

  • Windows
  • Rings
  • Insulators
  • Covers
  • Tubes
  • Liners
  • Pedestals
  • Boats
  • Tanks
  • Cleaning basins
  • Injectors
  • Bell jars

Fabrication Capabilities

Ferrotec has three manufacturing facilities in Japan and one in China. Design and prototyping takes place in our facility in Japan, where the company has over 15 years experience in the design and manufacture of quartz products. Production scale manufacturing takes place at our volume manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, China.

This new facility features a vast range of equipment for cutting, machine welding, fire polishing, and other fabrication processes. The facility has both class 10,000 and class 100 cleanrooms and is compliant with all semiconductor process requirements.

Ferrotec is committed to meeting the demanding quality and dimensional accuracy specifications of today's most demanding applications, and we have a proven track record of satisfying leading-edge customer requirements. In addition to manufacturing, Ferrotec also cleans, packages, and ships to your exact requirements.


Ferrotec uses mainly GE quartz, and is one of the largest GE Quartz authorized fabricators in the world. Several different grades of quartz are available including 114, 124, 214, 224 (low alkali) and 244 (low aluminum) materials. Both clear fused and opaque materials are available. As a leading fabricator, Ferrotec also sources material from Saint Gobain, Heraeus, Tosoh and others.

With a wide range of quality materials and fabrication processes, we are well positioned to meet all your quartz fabrication needs. We can manufacture existing engineering drawings, or assist at the design stage to ensure that your quartz product meets your demanding technical requirements.


Obtaining a quote is easy. Call us today on 03(3281)8808 or email us at info@ferrotec.co.jp.
If you already have a product specification, please send us that, along with an indication of the quantities you require so that we may offer you a competitive quotation.